Work, Life and Spirituality – A Balancing Act




At present it often feels like life is hurtling along at breakneck speed to an unknown and scary destination. Things often feel unstable and out of balancing causing our emotions to be all over the place which is why more and more people are seeking out spiritual wisdom to find some calm. Lately the angels have guided me to read about how we can bring our lives more in balance so that we can incorporate spirituality within our normal everyday life. I recently read a wonderful book by Doreen Virtue called Divine Magic which explains that by imagining each area of our lives are like levers sliding up and down a pole and the way we think or feel about that area will result in the lever being higher or lower on the pole. 

For example, say that when you think about how much money you have if you are constantly in the mindset of how much you lack then the lever on the pole will be at the lower end. But if you can flip this and everyday when you think about money imagine the lever being up at the top of the pole this can change our whole attitude as we are more in tune with the vibration of abundance. In a way this is a more imaginative and easier way of working with the law of attraction of like attracts like and can be applied to any other area of your life such as love, work and spirituality. 

Taking some time out on a daily basis to do this exercise can enable you to feel more in control of life as it literally only takes a couple of minutes and some deep breaths. Sometimes when we think about the million and one things we have to do in a day and feel overwhelmed about how to balance it all then it is more beneficial to take a step back, breath and ask the angels to help simplify things because more often than not the answer or solution is right in front of your nose. 

Angel Affirmation : I live a beautiful and balance life filled with abundance and love.

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