Aligning With Your True Self


I’m feeling a tad nervous writing this post. The latter part of 2018 felt very challenging to me as I’m sure it has for you. Many of us were rocked to our core and had this constant sense of unease. 

We were being pushed to challenge the norm and really start looking at who we are, when all of  the stuff and beliefs we were clinging onto melted away, leaving us with a sense of falling. 

For me this change came when I walked past an photo of my younger self. I was dressed all in black and wearing a rose quartz crystal. Then something hit me. I realised how lost I had been feeling. Even doing readings and the work I love I was still feeling lost. That girl in the picture knew exactly who she was and fear of other people hadn’t stopped her yet. 

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Honouring Who You Were Born To Be

After that very weird moment I then came across a book, called Wicca by Harmony Nice. Ever since I was 13 I loved Wicca. I read a new book on it nearly every week but the idea of practising it scared me. Mainly because after feeling bullied and isolated in Primary School my main aim was only to fit in. So I practised only small bits. I would talk to trees, bury crystals for good luck, do protection spells in private and learn how to meditate. 

But by the time I had went to University my life became filled with different kinds of books and I kind of ignored that side of me. So when I went I started reading that Wicca book so many things fell into place for me. All that knowledge and love for Wiccan came back and I realised who I was again. 

What Is Wicca

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There has been this massive misconception that Wicca is somehow a negative or dangerous practice based on evil. Unfortunately even in this day and age Wiccans are very much treated as such. I realised this a few months ago when Harmony Nice the author of Wicca gave an interview for a paper (lets called it the Torygraph) who misconstrued everything and gave a very negative perspective on what Wicca is. 

Being a Wiccan is a simple honouring of the divine feminine and masculine. To see ourselves not as separate from each other and nature but as one. So many people are already waking up to this idea. The biggest misconception of Wicca is spellcasting. But this is a very simple idea based on the law of attraction as it is believed our thoughts and intentions are a powerful way to manifest into reality what we desire. Spells are rituals that amplify this power.

I have been casting for as long as I can remember. Everytime a full moon and new moon comes round I would write my intentions or what I’m wishing to release for the month ahead and then either burn the paper or place it on my alter. 

Why Am I Telling You This

The reason why I’m talking about this now is because I know this year I need to align with who I truly am and honour that person. For far too long I’ve acted out of fear and to do the work I want to do I need to start stepping up more. For one I want my son to grow up in a world filled with compassion, tolerance and morality. Although right now we are feeling far removed from this reality I believe if more of us step and honour the light within in order to teach others to do the same, the world will change. It just takes one person at a time. 

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