Getting Clear On Your Soul Purpose



Aligning With Your Soul

So often I see these motivational posts and videos saying things like “Don’t stop till you reach your goal,” but what happens if you reach it and you still feel unhappy? What then? 

This is where our motivation needs to change from goal achieving to Soul activation. Our happiness is never going to come from outside of ourselves. It doesn’t come with money, success or material objects. It comes from within which is why focusing on our internal energy is so important. 

Our Soul is that place within our hearts that is always whispering words of encouragement and is guiding us to tune in to what lights you up and aligns you with the frequency of love. 

To tune into your soul is easy. I use this simple technique with all my coaching clients and find the shift can be transformational, especially if you use it on a daily basis. 

Soul Connection Meditation


1. Spend a few moments noticing your feet on the ground. Feel into your body and any tense areas, breathe into those areas and imagine any tension evaporating from your body.

2. Then imagine strong roots growing from the base of your spine deep into the earth. Then feel that beautiful protective energy from the earth flowing up the root and into your heart. Know that you are protected and loved.

3. Within your heart imagine a small bright white light that shines and sparkles. This is your soul. With every breathe in, imagine this white light expanding and getting bigger and bigger. It starts filling your whole being and that expands out further so it covers your whole aura. This beautiful sparkling light fills your very cells and you know deep in your heart this is your soul.

4. Spend a few moments if you can connecting to this light and when you feel ready, again notice your root, feel your connection deep into the earth and then come back to your body.

Tune in to Where Your Heart Is Leading You



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I am a Spiritual Life and Motivational Coach here to help empower other lightworkers to follow their dreams and light up their soul. I currently offer 1-1 Coaching Sessions as well as Oracle Readings to help guide you on your path. 

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