What Is Intuitive Life Coaching?

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An Intuitive Coach works in a similar way to a Life Coach in that they look at your goals, help you to clear blocks and work on building confidence and a stronger belief system. But intuitive coaches also help you to work on the deepest parts of yourself. They help you connect to your own inner knowing and tap into the power of the divine energy. 

Our intuition is like our super power. When were connected to it life flows in a beautiful way. What we desire comes to us much easier as we are vibrating at a much higher level. Our goals become easier to follow because we KNOW deep in our hearts were being lead by something higher.

This is why I love doing Coaching. I started off doing readings for people using Tarot and Angel Cards and although I loved these sessions I knew I could go deeper and help my client really start to clear their blocks. Readings are great at giving guidance and insight but sometimes my clients would come back to me a few months later still feeling lost and confused which direction to go in.

In a session with me we first of all look at your goals and your current belief system. We spend some time looking at your blocks and how we can clear what has been holding you back. I then give a full Tarot Reading which I love as it looks at all aspects of your life and often readings connect to your own higher guidance. 

I then guide you through a simple meditation to help you connect to your soul and allow space for healing. I then also provide techniques to help you clear any blocks around your third eye. You then also get your own personalised plan tailored to suit your needs and help you truly live a life that you deserve.

If you would like to book a coaching session with me just email me through my contact page here. Currently only offer these sessions for £35. 

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