3 Ways To Build a Positive Mindset

3 Ways To Building a Positive Mindset

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We all want to be happier and more content with life but what happens when life throws you a few curve balls? It’s not so easy to stay in a positive frame of mind. But some people seem to be more resilient and those knocks that many of us face, they overcome and can even use as their strengths. 

So here are 5 ways we can all start building a more resilient and positive mindset.

1. Take a Break From Social Media

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In this day and age it can be so difficult to get some time for yourself. When were constantly checking our emails, or social outlets as well as being bombarded by the news, our brains can go into over drive. Within Western Society their has been a huge rise in depression and anxiety, and whats worrying is our teenagers are struggling the most. We need to learn to take a step back from all the craziness going on in cyberspace and start living more within the present moment. Get out in nature more and spending more quality time with family is one step forward. The next step is only allocating so many minutes to our phones. We can easily spend 3 hrs a day but dropping this to only 30 mins can make a huge difference to your energy and your mindset. 

2. Allow Time Alone

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The world can feel like a chaotic place, sometimes we just need some breathing space. But for getting time to ourselves can be a tad challenging, especially if you have family and work or a business to run. But you do need to give yourself some time back. Try and schedule even 20 mins in the evenings or mornings everyday. Use this time to either meditate, journal or go out for a walk. Doing this as part of your daily routine will enable you to overcome those stressful moments that little bit easier. 

3. Use Affirmations To Overcome Negative Thinking

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Affirmations can change a negative mindset super quick as it also invokes those emotions of happiness and joy. But it’s something that you need to do on a regular basis for you to start noticing a change. If you constantly think that your never going to find your dream job and you’ll always be stuck, your energy drops and this becomes your belief system. You start attracting more ways to affirm that your unhappy and will always be stuck in a job that you hate. But even if you don’t believe it yet if you instead say to yourself on a daily basis “My life is flowing with abundance and I am in my dream job” your energy and vibration shifts. Your mindset changes and you then start attracting more opportunities that now align with this new belief system. 

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