New Moon Energy March 2019

New Moon

New Moon

Energy Work

This months New Moon falls on March 6th and the energy this month is all about compassion and shining a light on our relationships. 

New Moon energy represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This makes it a powerful time to start new projects or seeing this as a time to let go of the past so you can move forward with a fresh new perspective. It also shines a light on old belief systems and what your needing to let off once and for all.


Spiritual Influence

As the Sun conjuncts Neptune our empathic and psychic abilities are heightened as we become much more sensitive to our environment and the thoughts and feelings of others. 

Being a Cancerian I do often find myself deeply affected by the moon cycles as you maybe too. Check out what your Moon and Rising sign falls on as this can tell you so much about how your affected by the moon. Click here to get access to your chart.  

Having clear boundaries is majorly important for this month. Notice who drains your energy and learn to work on your own energy field so you can more easily protect it. An easy technique I use is just basically calling light to my body and imagining a bright white and gold light surrounding my aura and raising my vibration. Other easy ways to protect your energy is deep breathing, Reiki Healing, getting out in nature and having more time alone. 

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde falls on March 5th and retrograde energy often gets a bad rap because it can mean having to face some difficult stuff. But actually retrogrades can be a powerful time for growth and transformation. 

This retrograde is happening in Pisces so watch out for taking things a tad too personally. Our senses and emotions might be a little heightened so notice if your getting triggered by other peoples “stuff” as this can mean your needing to release some of your own “stuff”. 

Also this retrograde is all about being more of aware of what your needing to let go off. Are you constantly feeling stuck in other peoples drama? Or are you just feeling stuck in general? If this is you (and me right now) this is the time to start taking a step back and really getting clear on what your wanting to work on. 

To Conclude

Between the full moon and Retrograde this is definitely a month for working through our own baggage and really stepping up and taking ownership of your life. I talk loads about belief systems and how this can affect so much in our daily lives. The words Karmic Debt popped up for me as well this month and releasing the past once and for all. Overall its definitely a powerful month that is really forcing us to step up our game. 

About Me

Joanne Miller

Hi my name is Joanna and I’m a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer and Oracle Reader. I have been working in the energy healing field for nearly 10 years and the work that I do is all about getting you connected to your soul and helping you live your best life. If you would like to learn more about what I do feel free to visit my services page here. 


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