How To Cleanse The Energy In Your Home



Sometimes our home can be our sanctuary. But their can be times, especially if were going through periods of grief, anxiety or stress where our home can feel less than happy. 

Energy is everywhere and within everything so when were not clearing ourselves properly of negative energy, this can affect our homes too. And even if you can’t see it, we can sense the energy of a room. For awhile now I’ve been yearning for light, clearer space and minimalism. My home has not always felt like a home due to the fact that when we first moved in our lives seemed to be chaotic and filled with stress. Now that were more settled were desperate to change our home and me personally to clear and cleanse my space. 

So here are my top tips for cleansing and clearing the space in our homes. 


Smudge Your Space



Using herbal incense such as sandelwood, lavender or frankincense is a super easy way to clear and cleanse your space. Just make sure to open any windows and that pets or children are not near by as incense can be quite strong and pets can be particularly sensitive to it. If you do have a pet I generally use aura sprays instead, which is just a mixture of spring water, crystals and aromatherapy oils mixed together. After spritzing a few times within a room especially the corners the energy feels much clearer. 


Sound Healing

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Music can have an incredible healing effect on our vibrations as well as the energy of the room. Sounds such as tibetan singing bowls and tibetan bells have been used for centuries to clear the energy of a space. I usually find a sound healing clip on youtube and put it up loud for an hour or two. This can help clear any stagnant energy as well as releasing any blocks or anxiety within your own body. 


Crystal Healing

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Crystals are probably one of my most favourite tools to work with and can really help create a loving and calm energy in your home. If you feel like your home is needing more peace and calm use Selenite, Rose Quartz or Amethyst. Or if your worried about intruders and want some extra protection use hematite, obsidian or tigers eye near the entrance of your home. To create a loving atmosphere, again rose quartz or clear quartz can help. If you want your home to have an angelic feel the beautiful sky blue of Angelite can lift the energy of any space. 



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