Self Care For The Soul

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Why Self Care Is So Needed?

When life gets chaotic, you have school runs, dinners to make, houses to clean and people to look after it can be really difficult to find the time to slow down and look after yourself. But when you don’t our bodies have an intelligence of their own and you will be told when enough is enough either through stress, anxiety, over eating or general illness. We need to avoid reaching this point though, where you’re forced to slow down and instead carve out some time each day to reach within and connect to our hearts and soul. In this blog I will help you find small ways each day to build a self care routine that can really help you deepen that connection within and live a life filled with more purpose, meaning and love. 

What Is the Soul?

“The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

Our hearts are the homes of our soul. It is where we can find inner wisdom, peace and purpose. Our hearts have an intelligence of their own, an intelligence that although may come from something higher than ourselves is also a part of us too. It is believed our souls have had hundreds of lifetimes and in every life you learned something new and gained higher wisdom, this knowledge can be used in the next lifetime. I love Deepak Chopras definition of the soul as being the core of your being and within is a field of infinite possibilities. For me the soul is our life’s compass. When we follow it we are lead to our destiny. It is the very essence of you along with the intelligence of our divine blueprint which came from God/Source. 

Self Care Tips For The Soul


Take Time Out From The World

Our Souls crave peace and overwhelm is one of the biggest factors of stress that many of us are having to face. With an endless list of to do lists we all can find it difficult to shut off. With the age of social media this is even more difficult because you are always reachable. Social media can also be addictive but our constant desire to scroll pictures, posts and videos can cause us to fall into that trap of comparison, destroying our self esteems and taking us away from what is important. So try and limit your social media time to what is only necessary. Also notice how much of your time (your minutes) you are spending connecting to the digital world. Remind yourself those minutes are precious so spend them wisely. 



Read A Book That Inspires

So much of what I have learnt about the Soul has came from a beautiful book that inspired me at a core level. I love reading spiritual based books such as The Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson as well as books about Angels. For me a book inspires and cultivates a sense of curiosity.  Within a book is an way to tap into your own potential. At the moment I’m reading about Mary Magdalene by Megan Watterson and I also have her Goddess cards. Her book is written in a way that has activated my own desire to connect to the Goddess and to understand Mary Magdalene. I highly recommend her book.

I’ll pop a link to her page here –

Notice what feeds your soul and be curious. Explore and expand your mind. 


Create A Zen Ritual For Calm

A daily ritual that can help create space within your mind and soul can eventually lead to a happier more stable life, where you feel supported by the Universe. When I wake up a ritual I do is immediately listen to a 5 minute meditation, I then spray my room and myself with some lavender to calm the mind. As soon as I have some time to myself I love to just sit with a coffee and contemplate the day ahead. Of course life can get in the way but even if you find it difficult to create a morning ritual you can do something in the evenings. It can be as simple as lighting a candle to journaling or meditating. It is within those moments of space that we can find ourselves. 

Remember Self Care Is Not A Luxury

Self Care is an requirement for the human soul and body to function in harmony. You cannot give yourself, your time and energy away on a daily basis without filling your cup. When we do not prioritise ourselves we risk our health and wellbeing. Within our soul is a gem of wisdom and power. But to access it we need to find the time to be still and listen to the whispers and words of wisdom that come from that  sacred space within. You need to connect. 


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