4 Signs Your A Lightworker

A lightworker does not always mean your here to be some sort of Spiritual Guru for the masses. If the thought of meditation makes you feel a little panicky then you may still very much be a lightworker. No doubt if your reading this you are. So what exactly does a lightworker do? Well its pretty simple.

A lightworker is someone whose purpose is to shine their light in a world that feels like its gone very dark. They are your helpers. The ones who more often than not, give all their time away to others, find it difficult to say no and feel a strong calling to be of some use to the world. 

So here are some easy tips to help you connect to your inner lightworker and shine like the beautiful bright star you are.  

1. You have always had a strong desire to be of service to others

Ever since you were a little girl (or boy) you dreamt of either being a doctor, teacher, nurse or wanted to literally save the world. You might have felt different to others around you and more sensitive than most. You may have even been teased or bullied at school because of your quiet sensitive nature.

Growing up you may have been a people pleaser and found it difficult to say no, which sometimes meant you ended up in situations that were a little out of your control. Due to your loving side you also felt a strong desire to help other people or animals in pain.

Sometimes you may even have felt their pain and would have done anything to take it away. This strong desire to help others may have shaped your career or if not you people may still feel drawn to you and your the one that people will turn too for help or advice. 

On the downside you may feel overwhelmed and shut down when it comes to your deeply empathic side. You’ve been hurt one too many times and can find it difficult to open up to others. I personally have definitely been through this and if this is you then trust your intuition when it comes to what your needing. Space is key for healing for lightworkers but so is friendships and finding other lightworkers who understand you can also help you heal. 

2. Your naturally creative 

You have alot of talents and sometimes with many lightworkers, untapped potential so you actually might not know what your fully capable off yet. You love to learn new things and can be a fountain of knowledge on so many different topics.

The problem with this is that sometimes you can find it difficult to stick to one path or one road and become a master at that. Your brain can flit from one great idea to the next. This is because for many lightworkers, they are spiritually aware and have been from a young age. They can sense energy and often in dream states can be floating off from one realm to another.

But if you aren’t grounded enough then this is where many lightworkers can have trouble sticking to one great idea that could actually change the world. You need to ground your ideas and energy so it becomes a reality. This requires practice which is why meditation is good but so is getting out in nature more, taking some space away for yourself or eating grounding and nutritious foods. 

3. You are drawn to many different religions and belief systems

The unknown and unseen fascinates you. You believe that we are all interconnected in a web of energy but can find it difficult to understand on a practical level. You don’t believe that one religion, like a shoe size, fits all. You naturally feel drawn to what your needing at the time and love reading books on Spirituality or learning more about the different belief systems.

As a teenage I would also read up about Wiccan, Buddhism and ancient belief systems. I found them so fascinating and understanding more than one religion helped me to integrate and understanding the bigger lessons. This is also back to the creative mind us lightworkers have.

We can’t stick to one belief. Some of us can but alot of us will choose what to feel and read depending on where we are in life. Just trust your heart on this one and give yourself the freedom to believe whatever you want. Life is not about following a strict rule book. You were born to live outside the box. 

4. You believe in the power of manifestation


Believe it or not your actually pretty powerful. Like superman who hasn’t quite realised his powers you might believe in the Law of Attraction but feel that all your attracting is what your not wanting. Well are you actually thinking about all the good things you do want?

Manifestation can be a tricky process due to the fact its more than just positive thoughts its also about positive vibration and actually believing you deserve all the good in the world. Lightworkers can sometimes feel guilty for asking the Universe for more or anything in some cases. This is because their innate ability to want to help the needy and deserving and knowing theirs so much lack in the world can make them feel like they have more than plenty for themselves and therefore should not be asking for more. 

If this is you what you need to realise or see is that more often than not there are people in power right now with all the money in the world and are they actually doing any good with it?? What if you were the one in power?

A lightworker in charge of a Company, the Government or Bank even. Can you imagine what good you would do! Really believe that you deserve to have success, abundance and love in your life because your here to create good. Without your unique and beautiful energy as well as talents and gifts then were lost. We need you! So step up and get in your power because the world needs a leader like you. 

Joanne Miller

Hi my name is Joanna and I’m a Spiritual and Intuitive Lifestyle Coach. I help clients tap into their true potential and help them awaken their gifts and talents. I currently offer Readings, Intuitive Coaching Sessions and Energy Healing. If you would like to learn more about what I do please click my Services Page here Thankyou so much for visiting my page and if you enjoyed this blog then feel free to drop me an line. I love hearing from you. 

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