Spiritual Tools For The Busy Mum


As a busy working mum, life and all the messiness it has to offer can feel really overwhelming. Your having to balance getting to work,  getting the kids to school, meal plannings, house work, weekends doing stuff and of course on top of it all you need to stay calm. Their are definitely days I lose my cool and I’m sure that you do too. What I don’t see alot of in Social Media and the Spiritual work I do is to help mums get back to their centre, find their soul again and who they truly are. So many of us get lost in the never ending to do lists that sometimes we even forget were only human. So I thought I’d let you know some of the Spiritual Tools I use to keep me on track. 

Tap Into Your Soul 


Alot of the work I do is centred around helping others connect to their souls on a deeper level. It is your soul that guides you and keeps you calm. For me when I connect to my soul even if their is chaos around me I still feel a wave of love and peace. And you don’t need to have lots of quiet time to meditate to feel the benefits. The biggest way to connect to our soul is through intention. Throughout the day just notice and breathe into your heart space and then say to yourself “I Am Soul.” This simple affirmation brings our minds back to a place of calm and ease. Try it for a few days and see how it works for you.

Focus On You

personal development

For the first few years as a new mom I felt a little lost and to be honest afraid to speak up or really open up about how I felt. The thing is being a mum is a transformational experience. You lose all of your old identity and become this completely new person, almost over night. What I found kept me sane is having some time to focus on my own personal development so when I was ready to start working or creating my business I had the confidence to really implement what I was learning. Of course money was a bit of an issue so it involved mainly reading books online and watching free youtube resources. You can literally learn anything online now so now when I’m making the dinner or cleaning I listen to an audiobook or watch a youtube video that might help me with my business and my own development. 

What Relaxes You?


Having some you time is so important when it comes to bringing up a family. Kids so easily feed of our energy so when were stressed out and crabbit, 90% of the time so are they. So you should never feel guilty to ask for some time alone. Geez with young ones were barely allowed to go to the bathroom alone! So find what relaxes you. For me its binge watching friends, a movie, taking time to have a cup of tea, read a book and go to bed early to chill. For you it could be different but just make sure your giving yourself that space to recharge your batteries. 

Write A Daily Gratitude List


You probably have heard this loads. To increase more of what you have in your life be grateful for what you do have. Gratitude automatically raises your vibration and makes you feel good, even on those not-so-good days. If I’m completely honest I can easily forget. But when I do practice gratitude I notice an expansive feeling of love which is always the highest vibration to connect too. An simple way of doing a gratitude list is either saying out loud or writing down 5 things you are grateful for that happened today. Either do this before bed or during meditation. There are some great apps that you can download on your phone which can even prompt you to remember to write. 

And Finally…Be Present


If your reading this know you are an amazing mum. Even on our busiest days it can feel like life is flying by. I cant believe my baby is now nearly 5 and started school. I still call him my baby because those fleeting moments when he was felt so precious. But the moments we have now are just as precious because one day he will be grown up and not want the hugs all the time, the kisses goodnight or the bedtime stories. He’ll be living his own life and my biggest wish is that he is happy and that he knows he is loved beyond any measure. Our children are our hopes for the future and the love, sweat and tears that we use bringing them up will lead to a brighter future because we did something right and amazing. So don’t ever underestimate yourself and what you are doing. Whether you are a stay at home mum, a single mum, a foster mum or even a mum to many kids if your a teacher, your incredible so remember that every single day. 

Joanne Miller

Hi my name is Joanna and I’m a Spiritual and Intuitive Lifestyle Coach. I help clients tap into their true potential and help them awaken their gifts and talents. I currently offer Readings, Intuitive Coaching Sessions and Energy Healing. If you would like to learn more about what I do please click my Services Page here Thankyou so much for visiting my page and if you enjoyed this blog then feel free to drop me an line. I love hearing from you. 

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