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How To Talk To The Angels

How To Talk To The Angels

Your Angels are always surrounding you in a cocoon of loving light. But why can it seem so difficult to connect to them? Often it is in those moments of despair, when we lose all hope that we can sense our angels stronger than ever. At least that’s what it had felt like for me when I first started connecting to Angels. It was at a time in my life when I had lost faith in the path ahead of me and in myself. But in that time of darkness I could sense an light surrounding me. I knew I was being guided but I had no idea who or what it was. 

Your journey with the Angels is a personal one and since becoming an Angel Teacher and Healer all those years ago I have helped many open up their hearts and minds to the idea of Angels. And for some it has been a transformational experience, one that I have been so blessed to have been a part off. So in this blog I will help give you some guidance on how you can connect to your Angels.

Ask For Help or Guidance

Your Angels want to help you. They want you to succeed at all you do but they cannot interfere in our lives without us first asking for their help or inviting them into our lives. There is no magical ritual or affirmation you need to do, just open up your heart and ask.

A good way to do this is find a quiet moment, either before bed or first thing in the morning. Notice your breathe and centre your awareness to your heart centre. If their is a problem or something that is worrying you bring this forward in your mind. Then simply ask your angels to come forward. Pray, open your heart and believe that whatever you ask for they will help you with. Then let your worries go with love, knowing they are already being dealt with. 

Angels Connect To Us Through Our Hearts

Our Angels vibrate on a frequency of love and light. Something that the human mind is unable to comprehend or feel but our hearts are a different matter. Our human hearts can be seen as the portals to our souls and our own divine inner light. It is through our hearts we see and feel our angels. So in order to listen and tap into the guidance being given, we must first open our hearts. This requires some faith, courage and trust in the unknown and this can feel scary. 

The easiest way to open our hearts is to bring our awareness to this centre. Music is a powerful way to do this, either by listening to inspiring music or meditating on certain frequencies such as 528HZ, which is known as the frequency of the heart. 

Pay Attention To The Signs

Once you open your heart and ask for guidance you then need to be receptive and aware as Angels help us in a way that can feel subtle as opposed to a big glaring signs. Take time to be aware of your thoughts and spend time tapping into your subconscious mind as it is often when we are in a state of calm and silence, that you are able to download the information and guidance. You also need to have faith that you do have the ability to connect and talk to your Angels. It is not just for the few talented or gifted individuals. Trust me. 

I did not come from a spiritual background and although as a child I was receptive and aware of other worldly beings it took alot of patience and self belief to actually trust in my own abilities. I thought you actually had to see angels to connect to them. Many of the books I read about Angels talked about grand and incredible miracles that happened to people who saw Angels in all their full glory. It wasn’t till I connected to my clients angels through reiki and readings that I realised Angels connect to us through our hearts and subconscious. Although I see them, I see them in my minds eye and I don’t see them all the time. Only in moments when I’ve centred myself and connected to my heart, and that doesn’t happen all too often. So don’t ever be hard on yourself when it comes to believing in your gifts. 

Take Action On the Guidance

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a friend is really upset? Your trying desperately to help her. Your giving her so many solutions to her problem but she keeps batting you away or keeps welling in her own misery and isn’t able to really take in what your saying? This is kind of how it can feel for angels when their trying to help us. We need to be open and receptive to their guidance. A solution may come along but maybe not in the form you had quite imagined or it requires work or a leap of faith on your part. 

When I feel really stuck but deep down I know that theirs this sign that keeps popping up. For example, I recently joined an membership group to help me with my own business. I had been putting this off for donkeys. And the crazy thing is I joined all of these other membership groups and I even would say to myself, “oh ill join this group because it sounds like the one I wanted to join but its slightly cheaper.” And I would wonder why yet again I hit another road block or felt stuck. Well lets just say another year of getting the same sign I finally joined the original membership and it has been amazing. So why didn’t I listen to start with? Because to be honest I didn’t want too. It felt like it was going to cost too much and I didn’t know if it was worth it. But if I had just listened and trusted my intuition rather than my fears then I might have been further along. 

So if the same sign or guidance keeps coming up, trust and have faith. If needed go inward into your heart each time and ask “Is this right for me?” If you need further clarification it’s okay to ask your angels to send you another sign. Your angels love you as a mother loves her child. Unconditionally

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