What It Means If You Keep Seeing 11:11


Your on the bus and just at the moment you look at your phone it says 11:11. At work when your sitting at your desk you check the time and again it says 11:11. When you get a receipt from the cashier you notice 11:11 yet again. What the heck does this mean? 

So many of us see this number on a daily basis sometimes multiple times a day. So much so that you can think your the only one that’s gone totally bonkers. But you look online and realise this phenomenon is massive.

I remember seeing this number all the time when I first started learning Reiki. I would even see it in my dreams. I then came across a radio station called Awakening Code Radio (link here) that literally talked about this subject and was why this station was created. Because so many people were waking up and seeing this number. 

What Does 11:11 Mean?

The number 11:11 is like a code from your Angels and guides. Similar to how we use morse code our angels use numbers and frequencies to help provide the guidance we are needing. When we see this number we are awakening to our true purpose. 

The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras believed that numbers hold specific vibrational frequencies, with numerology believed to hold information that can tell us our life path. According to numerology 11:11 is known as a Master number associated to intuition, inner wisdom and life purpose.

This number holds a specific frequency with the intention of waking us up and showing you that you are on the right path. You are linking in with your soul. 

So What Do I Do Next?

Okay so you keep seeing this number everywhere, you know now it means Spiritual Awakening but so what? How can this help you? No doubt if you have been seeing this number you may have been going through a rough time.

Some big big changes have happened and you feel lost and totally stuck. You even be questioning your reason for being and wanting more out of life. 

The good news is this awakening is happening for you not too you. Shift your awareness and perspective. Notice the reason for these lessons to happen now. A shift has happened in order to get you to wake up to your true purpose.

To navigate this next chapter in your life here are some practices that might help.


1. Cleanse and Clear Your Energy


When you start to open up more it’s important to learn how to protect your energy. At the same time as I was learning Reiki I was also learning Angel Healing and was super open. So when I was going to my bank job I felt completely overwhelmed by anxiety because I could sense and feel emotions around me.

An easy way to protect your energy is to imagine you are surrounded by a golden light. Do this visualisation everyday and a good technique I use is from Ask Angels. You can find it here on youtube

2. Work On Your Mindset


Another reason why you maybe seeing the number 11:11 is to shift your belief system. Our beliefs is what shapes our reality. What we think we create. Of course it is more complicated than that but energy speaks and if you hold a belief that has created a reality you no longer resonate with, it’s time to change it. 

You have the power to direct your thoughts and life so choose empowering rather than disempowering thoughts. One simple way to do this is to regularly listen to Affirmations. I do this just before bed when the subconscious mind is at it’s most powerful and receptive. You can listen to affirmations or certain frequencies such as 852HZ during meditations. 

3. Tune Into Your Spirit Guides


I’ve always believed we have our own personal Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels surround and protecting us. Of course certain events and situations are outwith their and our control but overall our Guides are here to help us on own personal journey. 

I remember when I was a teenager and before I knew anything about angels or guides I would try and meditate and always this loving presence would come forward. I could visualise him in my minds eye. It was always a young man dressed in white flowing trousers and a shirt. He had a calm energy about him and everytime I would connect in I could feel this overwhelming energy of love emanating from him. To this day I still connect to my guide. He has helped me through many tough times, giving me hope for a new tomorrow as well as much needed guidance. 

To connect to your spirit guide all you need to do is ask. Intention is a powerful energy and when we send our intentions out to the Universe it will be delivered. You just need to believe it to be so. In meditation try and calm or quiet the mind. Tune into your heart centre and ask for the highest possible loving energy to come through. Then ask from a space of love and peace that your spirit guide come forward. It may not happen right away but keep tuning in when you can, asking for guidance and signs your guide is around you. 

I really hope this has helped provide the clarity you are needing right now. I still often see 11:11 and when I do I know that something big is just around the corner. Get excited 🙂 

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