5 Crystals For Abundance and Positivity


Many of us could all do with a bit more luck and abundance in our lives. We try and do all the practical tips and advice such as saving more, spending less and being open to new opportunities. But Crystals can be a great way to help you attune your energy too. Each crystal is attuned to a higher vibrational frequency so surrounding ourselves with these beautiful stones can help us raise our own vibration.

In this blog we’ll be chatting about the best crystals to use for attracting more abundance and positivity in your life. 

1. Aventurine


Aventurine is a great crystal for luck and positive energy. It has a fun, playful energy and helps us to stop taking life so seriously. Money is there to have fun with, to enjoy and appreciate. Not too fear. So when you want to manifest wealth this is a great crystal to use.

2. Pyrite


Pyrite literally looks like gold so it’s definitely an obvious crystal for abundance. The energy of this crystal is very grounded and helps clear those blocks around worthiness and how we can sometimes feel a sense of lack in our lives. 

If your going through a tough time financially Pyrite can help attune your energy to more abundance and healing. It is really a lovely comforting crystal to help promote a more positive mindset. 

3. Blue Tiger's Eye

tigers eye

I love Blue Tiger’s Eye which is also known as Hawks Eye as it has such a grounded comforting energy that automatically makes me feel positive and confident. This stone is great for when you have that job interview or your starting a new project as it fosters a huge sense of achievement and passion. 

It also can be used to strengthen your intuition so you have much more clarity about which direction you are wanting to go in. 

4. Citrine


Citrine is the big shiny happy stone that brings more positive energy into your life. It is a great crystal for when your spirits are feeling low or your feeling stuck. Hold this crystal when your meditating and imagine how you want your life to look like in the future. The positive energy will enhance this stones powers and give you much more clarity about your ideal future. 


5. Green Jade


Jade is a great crystal for cementing long term plans or projects. It helps you to tune into your own inner wisdom and truth, keeping you on track when times might feel tough. It is not a quick manifestor but it enables us to see life from a higher perspective. 

Jade has been used as a crystal for abundance since Ancient Times and is considered one of the oldest, wisest and loving crystals to use. 

Choosing A Crystal

I admit I love my crystals. Always have even as a young child I would be fascinated by these incredible stones. If you feel drawn to Crystals it’s really important to find ethically source crystals. Unfortunately my knowledge base on this is limited but I usually get my crystals from well known retailers who I know are careful where they get their crystals. Another great way is through preloved crystal groups on facebook where people sell crystals that they feel are wanting to move on. 

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