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How To Do An Angel Card Reading

Angel Reading

Angel readings can be a powerful way to tap into your own intuition as the cards can be used as a tool to help give you the clarity and guidance you maybe needing. Angels always surround us with their protection and love. Through the power of cards they can give us amazingly accurate insights and words of comfort and support when we most need it. If you would like to learn more about how you can give yourself an reading then you’ve come to the write place. Below are some simple steps to help you get started. 

How To Pick Your Cards

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There are so many Angel and Oracle decks out there it can be a tad overwhelming. But to choose a deck can be super simple. Just notice what you feel drawn too.

A great website called Aecletic Tarot (you can go the link here) reviews hundreds of oracle decks and provides pictures and background information on them. What I usually do is search a deck on amazon and then read the reviews and pictures on the Aceletic tarot website so I can get a better understanding of what the cards are about.

The most important point to make though is trust your intuition. Choose what you feel most drawn too. 

Tuning In And Cleansing Your Deck


When you first get your deck it’s important to attune your energy and vibration to the cards. The way I do this is to take the cards out the box, hold them in my left hand and then with my right hand over the deck I visualise a beautiful golden light flowing from my hands to the deck. I do this visualisation for a full moments till I feel a loving energy coming through within my heart centre. 

How To Do A Reading

Angel Reading

Once you have connected to and attuned to the energy of your cards now you can give yourself a reading. Below is a step by step guidance for a simple one card reading. If you would eventually like to do more complex spreads there is many you can choose from. Just type “Angel Card Spreads” into google and you will find hundreds of spreads for every question or situation. But I like to keep it simple to start with so that you can start building more knowledge about the deck you are using. 

Step 1: Shuffle The Cards

I like to just shuffle my cards in my hand but you may prefer to lay them out on the floor and mix them up that way. Just whatever feels right to you. 

Step 2: Pick A Card

Sometimes as your shuffling the card one may drop out randomly from the deck. If that’s the case that is the card to use. Otherwise tune into your heart centre and ask the angels for help or guidance around choosing the card. I usually pick one at random from the deck by cutting the cards or spread them out on the floor and choose one I feel drawn too. 

Step 3: Reading The Card

With every oracle deck you also have a guidebook that provides the information for what each of the card means. But for this exercise it might be helpful to put the book away. For me personally, the guidebooks are written from the perspective of another person, and the meaning of the card might be very different for you personally. 

What I usually do is if I am needing clarity around a question or issue I ask the angels what the card means to me. As I look at the card I notice what the image signifies to me personally. Is it showing an angel with a sad face? Or are they vibrant or happy? What are they doing? Do you feel peaceful looking at the card or uncomfortable? Read the message underneath the card and notice what emotions or images it brings up within you. 

Take your time with this exercise and just tune in to how you feel as you look at the card. It might be handy to have a journal beside you so you can write down the card you drew, a question you had or just wanting general guidance and what you feel the card signifies for you. 


Your intuition is a powerful tool but like anything it requires practice in order to strengthen this ability. When I first started doing Angel Cards I was only in my late teens, early 20s and had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t really feel I had any psychic abilities but the more I connected to my cards the stronger my intuition became. I now provide professional readings to clients from all over and absolutely love how powerful and transformational these readings can be. For me it changed my life and I am so excited you are on this journey too. 


Thankyou so much for taking the time to connect to me. If you would like to keep up to date with any new Services then please sign up to my monthly newsletter below and you will also get a FREE Soul Connection Workbook. 


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