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Anxiety when it takes over can be so debilitating. Normal everyday tasks can suddenly feel like massive mountains you need to climb. I know because I’ve had anxiety and anxiety related disorders for years. But as a holistic therapist I’ve also armed myself with all the tools and technology I can find that can help, so that those bad days don’t turn into bad weeks or months.

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you some easy steps you can take right now to help you. 

Focus On One Task At A Time

An anxious mind is like being in an hamster wheel. Your running around panicking about all the things on your to do list but your so anxious you have no clue where to start. I’ve learned to write a morning journal and plan out my day ahead and then simplify these tasks into simple steps.

For example, today I felt overwhelmed because I had to get my wee one ready for school, get breakfast done, fire done, dog walked, school drop off, washing away, tidy up, clear dishes etc etc. When your anxious every single one of these tasks, though completely doable can suddenly feel too much. But break it down into simple steps and just focus on that one step until the task is done can really help. 

When your anxious it can be hard to focus because as your doing one thing your mind is rattling off all the hundred and one things that you should be doing too. When this happens just breathe, count to 10, go back to the task at hand and then tick it off. 

What Is Really Behind The Anxiety

Figuring out why your anxiety has been triggered is a big step to helping you heal. Your mind is trying desperately to tell you that something is wrong. And it could also be that you have other signs which include waking up through the night and not being able to get back to sleep, Over eating or under eating, find it hard to focus and feeling irritable. All these symptoms are signs of a bigger issue so it’s important to get to the bottom of it before it takes over. 

One thing that has helped me is EFT. When I know what triggered my anxiety tapping on the issue immediately lessens its hold on me. Other therapies include hypnosis, mindfullness and cognitive therapy just to name a few. Also if you do still feel overwhelmed and nothing is getting better seek help from a doctor who can provide you the support and next steps that you can take. 

For me anxiety is often triggered by external events that feel outwith my control such as a family member becoming ill, a big house or job move or an emotional issue that I’m not sure how to overcome. But when you face the root cause everything else falls into place and your days can feel less stressful. 

Have A Self-Care Routine

The worst thing to do when your feel anxious or overwhelmed is to try and push through it. Your mind is needing space to slow down and process everything. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do or can’t control focus on the present moment. Bring yourself back to your body. You can do this through exercise, though I don’t recommend a vigorous routine as this can hinder rather than help, but an exercise that slows down your body and mind. I’ve found walking, pilates, yoga and tai chi super helpful and will always come back to one if not all of these practices when I’m struggling. 

But actually having a self care routine in place on a daily basis can help support you on those anxious days and can enable you to feel much more in control. Evenings are usually the time I like to focus on self-care which doesn’t always look the same. For instance one day I might just need to sit and watch a movie, another could be chilling on the couch reading a book or having an aromatherapy bath. But give yourself the permission and space to do this without guilt.  

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