How To Deal With Anxiety During The Holiday Season

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As much as December is an amazing time of month to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family, for those who struggle with anxiety it can be a big trigger. Anxiety can be as mild as just feeling unease or overwhelm to becoming a debilitating issue that can affect a persons wellbeing. I myself have suffered from anxiety since a teenager and I know in myself when I am feeling anxious and stressed. Some common symptoms are constantly feeling overwhelmed, becoming forgetful, finding it hard to concentrate, snappy with loved ones and trouble sleeping to name a few. When you know that you are starting to feel overwhelmed there are some things you can do to help bring yourself into balance. 

In this blog I’ll be showing you some easy steps to get yourself back on track and enjoying the holidays again. 

1. Have A Calm Morning Ritual

morning ritual

How do you usually start your day? Is it rushed trying to get out the door in time? Or do you make time for you? Often, especially during the holidays we are trying to ram way too much in our days which can lead to anxiety and stress. Even spending 5 minutes doing something in the morning that will support the rest of your day and build a healthier mindset. This could be through journalling, taking time to write down your thoughts and intentions for the day or meditating so your bringing your awareness to your breathe. Although I don’t always follow a set ritual doing just one thing to help me feel calmer can make a huge difference to my day. 

2. Don't Always Say Yes To Everything


If the idea of going to the workplace drunken party sounds like your idea of hell rather than fun then say no. Many of us who have anxiety are also introverts which is why the holiday season can seem so stressful. The idea of socialising and drinking can be a little overwhelming and not always everyone’s idea of fun so why do it? Of course sometimes we have to pick and choose what we need to go too such as family events or things that feel important to us. But having clear boundaries and tuning into our own energy and picking up on when something doesn’t feel right can make such a difference.

As much as I am an introvert I do love to socialise with friends and family but I try not to overwhelm myself and maybe have only one event on a week rather than a choca block social calendar all month. By giving yourself the space to sometimes have quiet nights in can make so much difference and will also give you the confidence to respect your own energy and power. 

3. Stop Worrying About Buying The Best Presents


Christmas should not be about the societal pressure to buy lavish and expensive gifts. How much money you spend does not equal how much love you have for that person. It is not about that and should never be about that but so much of us feel the pressure to conform to some sort of perfect pressie buyer. Coming from one who when panic buys will get the worst presents ever (sorry husband for the panic bought nail clippers last year). Present buying causes me probably the worst anxiety. And it’s ridiculous. We need to strip Christmas back to what it should be. Being with family we love. Yes exchanging gifts but something that could be small but meaningful. Or even homemade which is better but I know that can be hard if you don’t have the time or skills to do. But try not to overspend this year. Instead enjoy the happy moments with each other and make memories that will last. 

4. Practice Self-Care


Along with the holiday season also comes an influx of colds, coughs and viruses. As I sit here typing this I’ve had this rubbish cold for over a week and even when I forced myself to slow down (because I had too) I still panicked about all the to do lists that needed done. Anxiety needs self care. When you fuel your body and mind with the love it needs you feel much more able to tackle the winter days. So make self care a priority. During Winter the body wants to slow down but sometimes we push ourselves to the point we start compromising our immune systems. So the first step in self care is eating right, taking regular vitamins and minerals as well as drinking plenty of water.

The next step is bring your body back into balance and exercise is a great way to do this as well as helping you with any anxious thoughts. I love yoga and it is often prescribed by health care professionals as being a powerful way to deal with anxiety and stress. If yoga isn’t your thing going out for walks and breathing in the beautiful natural world around you is another great way to calm mind, body and soul.

Just notice when you are overdoing it and intuitively connecting to your body and how you are feeling on a daily basis is the biggest step to dealing with stress. 

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Joanne Miller


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