How To Cleanse The Energy In Your Home



Sometimes our home can be our sanctuary. But their can be times, especially if were going through periods of grief, anxiety or stress where our home can feel less than happy. 

Energy is everywhere and within everything so when were not clearing ourselves properly of negative energy, this can affect our homes too. And even if you can’t see it, we can sense the energy of a room. For awhile now I’ve been yearning for light, clearer space and minimalism. My home has not always felt like a home due to the fact that when we first moved in our lives seemed to be chaotic and filled with stress. Now that were more settled were desperate to change our home and me personally to clear and cleanse my space. 

So here are my top tips for cleansing and clearing the space in our homes. 


Smudge Your Space



Using herbal incense such as sandelwood, lavender or frankincense is a super easy way to clear and cleanse your space. Just make sure to open any windows and that pets or children are not near by as incense can be quite strong and pets can be particularly sensitive to it. If you do have a pet I generally use aura sprays instead, which is just a mixture of spring water, crystals and aromatherapy oils mixed together. After spritzing a few times within a room especially the corners the energy feels much clearer. 


Sound Healing

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Music can have an incredible healing effect on our vibrations as well as the energy of the room. Sounds such as tibetan singing bowls and tibetan bells have been used for centuries to clear the energy of a space. I usually find a sound healing clip on youtube and put it up loud for an hour or two. This can help clear any stagnant energy as well as releasing any blocks or anxiety within your own body. 


Crystal Healing

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Crystals are probably one of my most favourite tools to work with and can really help create a loving and calm energy in your home. If you feel like your home is needing more peace and calm use Selenite, Rose Quartz or Amethyst. Or if your worried about intruders and want some extra protection use hematite, obsidian or tigers eye near the entrance of your home. To create a loving atmosphere, again rose quartz or clear quartz can help. If you want your home to have an angelic feel the beautiful sky blue of Angelite can lift the energy of any space. 



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3 Ways To Build a Positive Mindset

3 Ways To Building a Positive Mindset

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We all want to be happier and more content with life but what happens when life throws you a few curve balls? It’s not so easy to stay in a positive frame of mind. But some people seem to be more resilient and those knocks that many of us face, they overcome and can even use as their strengths. 

So here are 5 ways we can all start building a more resilient and positive mindset.

1. Take a Break From Social Media

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In this day and age it can be so difficult to get some time for yourself. When were constantly checking our emails, or social outlets as well as being bombarded by the news, our brains can go into over drive. Within Western Society their has been a huge rise in depression and anxiety, and whats worrying is our teenagers are struggling the most. We need to learn to take a step back from all the craziness going on in cyberspace and start living more within the present moment. Get out in nature more and spending more quality time with family is one step forward. The next step is only allocating so many minutes to our phones. We can easily spend 3 hrs a day but dropping this to only 30 mins can make a huge difference to your energy and your mindset. 

2. Allow Time Alone

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The world can feel like a chaotic place, sometimes we just need some breathing space. But for getting time to ourselves can be a tad challenging, especially if you have family and work or a business to run. But you do need to give yourself some time back. Try and schedule even 20 mins in the evenings or mornings everyday. Use this time to either meditate, journal or go out for a walk. Doing this as part of your daily routine will enable you to overcome those stressful moments that little bit easier. 

3. Use Affirmations To Overcome Negative Thinking

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Affirmations can change a negative mindset super quick as it also invokes those emotions of happiness and joy. But it’s something that you need to do on a regular basis for you to start noticing a change. If you constantly think that your never going to find your dream job and you’ll always be stuck, your energy drops and this becomes your belief system. You start attracting more ways to affirm that your unhappy and will always be stuck in a job that you hate. But even if you don’t believe it yet if you instead say to yourself on a daily basis “My life is flowing with abundance and I am in my dream job” your energy and vibration shifts. Your mindset changes and you then start attracting more opportunities that now align with this new belief system. 

What Is Intuitive Life Coaching?

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An Intuitive Coach works in a similar way to a Life Coach in that they look at your goals, help you to clear blocks and work on building confidence and a stronger belief system. But intuitive coaches also help you to work on the deepest parts of yourself. They help you connect to your own inner knowing and tap into the power of the divine energy. 

Our intuition is like our super power. When were connected to it life flows in a beautiful way. What we desire comes to us much easier as we are vibrating at a much higher level. Our goals become easier to follow because we KNOW deep in our hearts were being lead by something higher.

This is why I love doing Coaching. I started off doing readings for people using Tarot and Angel Cards and although I loved these sessions I knew I could go deeper and help my client really start to clear their blocks. Readings are great at giving guidance and insight but sometimes my clients would come back to me a few months later still feeling lost and confused which direction to go in.

In a session with me we first of all look at your goals and your current belief system. We spend some time looking at your blocks and how we can clear what has been holding you back. I then give a full Tarot Reading which I love as it looks at all aspects of your life and often readings connect to your own higher guidance. 

I then guide you through a simple meditation to help you connect to your soul and allow space for healing. I then also provide techniques to help you clear any blocks around your third eye. You then also get your own personalised plan tailored to suit your needs and help you truly live a life that you deserve.

If you would like to book a coaching session with me just email me through my contact page here. Currently only offer these sessions for £35. 

Getting Clear On Your Soul Purpose



Aligning With Your Soul

So often I see these motivational posts and videos saying things like “Don’t stop till you reach your goal,” but what happens if you reach it and you still feel unhappy? What then? 

This is where our motivation needs to change from goal achieving to Soul activation. Our happiness is never going to come from outside of ourselves. It doesn’t come with money, success or material objects. It comes from within which is why focusing on our internal energy is so important. 

Our Soul is that place within our hearts that is always whispering words of encouragement and is guiding us to tune in to what lights you up and aligns you with the frequency of love. 

To tune into your soul is easy. I use this simple technique with all my coaching clients and find the shift can be transformational, especially if you use it on a daily basis. 

Soul Connection Meditation


1. Spend a few moments noticing your feet on the ground. Feel into your body and any tense areas, breathe into those areas and imagine any tension evaporating from your body.

2. Then imagine strong roots growing from the base of your spine deep into the earth. Then feel that beautiful protective energy from the earth flowing up the root and into your heart. Know that you are protected and loved.

3. Within your heart imagine a small bright white light that shines and sparkles. This is your soul. With every breathe in, imagine this white light expanding and getting bigger and bigger. It starts filling your whole being and that expands out further so it covers your whole aura. This beautiful sparkling light fills your very cells and you know deep in your heart this is your soul.

4. Spend a few moments if you can connecting to this light and when you feel ready, again notice your root, feel your connection deep into the earth and then come back to your body.

Tune in to Where Your Heart Is Leading You



About Joanna

I am a Spiritual Life and Motivational Coach here to help empower other lightworkers to follow their dreams and light up their soul. I currently offer 1-1 Coaching Sessions as well as Oracle Readings to help guide you on your path. 

If you would like to learn more or would like to work with me please visit my Contact Page Here

Aligning With Your True Self


I’m feeling a tad nervous writing this post. The latter part of 2018 felt very challenging to me as I’m sure it has for you. Many of us were rocked to our core and had this constant sense of unease. 

We were being pushed to challenge the norm and really start looking at who we are, when all of  the stuff and beliefs we were clinging onto melted away, leaving us with a sense of falling. 

For me this change came when I walked past an photo of my younger self. I was dressed all in black and wearing a rose quartz crystal. Then something hit me. I realised how lost I had been feeling. Even doing readings and the work I love I was still feeling lost. That girl in the picture knew exactly who she was and fear of other people hadn’t stopped her yet. 

people 2588546_1280

Honouring Who You Were Born To Be

After that very weird moment I then came across a book, called Wicca by Harmony Nice. Ever since I was 13 I loved Wicca. I read a new book on it nearly every week but the idea of practising it scared me. Mainly because after feeling bullied and isolated in Primary School my main aim was only to fit in. So I practised only small bits. I would talk to trees, bury crystals for good luck, do protection spells in private and learn how to meditate. 

But by the time I had went to University my life became filled with different kinds of books and I kind of ignored that side of me. So when I went I started reading that Wicca book so many things fell into place for me. All that knowledge and love for Wiccan came back and I realised who I was again. 

What Is Wicca

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There has been this massive misconception that Wicca is somehow a negative or dangerous practice based on evil. Unfortunately even in this day and age Wiccans are very much treated as such. I realised this a few months ago when Harmony Nice the author of Wicca gave an interview for a paper (lets called it the Torygraph) who misconstrued everything and gave a very negative perspective on what Wicca is. 

Being a Wiccan is a simple honouring of the divine feminine and masculine. To see ourselves not as separate from each other and nature but as one. So many people are already waking up to this idea. The biggest misconception of Wicca is spellcasting. But this is a very simple idea based on the law of attraction as it is believed our thoughts and intentions are a powerful way to manifest into reality what we desire. Spells are rituals that amplify this power.

I have been casting for as long as I can remember. Everytime a full moon and new moon comes round I would write my intentions or what I’m wishing to release for the month ahead and then either burn the paper or place it on my alter. 

Why Am I Telling You This

The reason why I’m talking about this now is because I know this year I need to align with who I truly am and honour that person. For far too long I’ve acted out of fear and to do the work I want to do I need to start stepping up more. For one I want my son to grow up in a world filled with compassion, tolerance and morality. Although right now we are feeling far removed from this reality I believe if more of us step and honour the light within in order to teach others to do the same, the world will change. It just takes one person at a time. 

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire_ 1

Tarot Reading 01/01/2019


Welcome to 2019. Are you feeling ready for the year ahead? 2018 felt like a tough year for many, with big changes, pushing against ever increasing issues and realising that sometimes life needs to fall apart in order to rebuild. You have probably faced many losses, dealt with endings and new beginnings and felt like life is constantly out of your control. That’s the beauty of the world were living in right now. It’s filled with majesty and beauty as well as pain and sometimes having to see the ugly side of humanity. But this has been a year of realisations. Knowing what is important. Seeing a massive rise in environmentalism has been heartening to say the least and has shown that we are definitely awakening to our true power. So when I drew the cards I wasn’t surprised to see that the first one was the Knight of Swords:

This card is definitely showing that now is the time to start making clear, actionable steps for our goals. Having the clarity and certainty for what were wanting to achieve.  Sometimes this also means that we need to be brave and be accountable for taking charge of our own lives. The next card was the Seven of Cups which is all about listening to our intuition a bit more. This card asks us to delve inward and stop comparing our own lives to others. The comparison trap is a hard one to avoid but necessary in order for you to truly be authentic and find your own way. Meditation is key when it comes to tuning into your meditation so try and carve out at least 5 to 10 mins a day to start working on your inner peace and notice what insights or ideas come up. I always like to keep a notebook or diary on hand to write anything important down. And finally the Eight Of Wands shows that the next ingredient to success is determination and inner resolve to get the job done. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your eye on the ball so your being asked this month to clear away any distractions. Notice what drains your energy rather than increases it and let that stuff go. It’s time to take charge of your world and filter through only that which will serve you.


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