How To Cleanse The Energy In Your Home

Published on 25th March 2019

  Sometimes our home can be our sanctuary. But their can be times, especially if were going through periods of grief, anxiety or stress where Read the full article…

New Moon Energy March 2019

Published on 4th March 2019

New Moon Energy Work This months New Moon falls on March 6th and the energy this month is all about compassion and shining a light Read the full article…

3 Ways To Build a Positive Mindset

Published on 19th February 2019

3 Ways To Building a Positive Mindset We all want to be happier and more content with life but what happens when life throws you Read the full article…

What Is Intuitive Life Coaching?

Published on 2nd February 2019

  An Intuitive Coach works in a similar way to a Life Coach in that they look at your goals, help you to clear blocks Read the full article…

Getting Clear On Your Soul Purpose

Published on 30th January 2019

Soul Aligning With Your Soul So often I see these motivational posts and videos saying things like “Don’t stop till you reach your goal,” but Read the full article…

Aligning With Your True Self

Published on 19th January 2019

Trusting I’m feeling a tad nervous writing this post. The latter part of 2018 felt very challenging to me as I’m sure it has for Read the full article…

Tarot Reading 01/01/2019

Published on 2nd January 2019

Hello! Welcome to 2019. Are you feeling ready for the year ahead? 2018 felt like a tough year for many, with big changes, pushing against Read the full article…

Work, Life and Spirituality – A Balancing Act

Published on 3rd December 2018

    At present it often feels like life is hurtling along at breakneck speed to an unknown and scary destination. Things often feel unstable Read the full article…

Angel Therapy – What on earth is it?

Published on 3rd December 2018

  As an angel therapist I come across many skeptics, and how can I blame them? We live in a skeptical world filled with crappy Read the full article…

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