Angel Readings

What are Angels?

Angels have been with us since the beginning of time, watching over and guiding humanity onto a higher path. They vibrate at the frequency of love and when we can access our own inner light we start building a relationship with our angels. Every one of us has a guardian angel, watching over and protecting us until our time on earth has ended.

What I offer

Through Online Angel Readings and Angel Healing sessions I can help people to access the angelic realms and receive guidance, comfort and healing. I have been reading cards professionally for nearly 8 years and absolutely love my work. Tuning into angels is like tuning into a radio frequency. We need to learn to slow down and connect to our own intuition and hearts. Through Readings and Angel Healing  I can help you let go and release any blocks that maybe stopping you from accessing the angels and your own higher potential.

What Is Involved in a Reading

I offer gentle yet powerful 1 to 1 Angel Card and Oracle Readings online via zoom as a video call. This works on an intuitive basis as I connect with your spirit guides and angels, provide insight and guidance to help you on your spiritual path and help you to have a deeper connection with your angels. As well as general advice, readings can help bring clarity and hope.

A readings costs £20 and to book just click here which will take you to my booking page where you choose a time for your reading and then pay using my PayPal button. I then take a picture of your cards and send them to you via email plus in depth guidance which you can read anytime at your own leisure.

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